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Hmm I forgot I was on here!

Well, This is my first post to this community. I'v had livejournal for awhile but I rarely come on here. Mainly because I don't care for the interface. I like blogger much better but anyways. My name on RYL is Ice-to-Ashes. I don't really post much but I'v been a member for about a year I think. I'v been a cutter for like 4 years I want to say? I'm currently not in recovery for self injury but I really would like to stop. I had tryed previously and failed. My parents do know about my self injury but they either forgot or don't care. Unfortuantly my grandparents found out about it too which really sucks because I know i'm hurting them by doing this to myself. I want to stop but it's hard when all you think about constintly everyday is how bad you want to cut, or how bad you wish you would just not wake up. I know the first step to recovery is throwing out the blades but for some reason I want to hold on to them...ugh I want to quit but I don't. So I'm going to end this post.
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