icm_24 (icm_24) wrote in recoveryourlife,


i hadn't realized but i have now gone one full year without SI. i thought the last time i had cut/burned was in july and after looking it was actually in june.

what sucks is when i completed the year was also when i fucked up thoroughly with some close friends. also the last time i spoke with some of them.

*sigh* fuck it. deal with it and move on. if you dwell on shit you just tempt yourself to SI even more.

what sucks is moving on without friends makes for alot of lonely days. its been 3 weeks since i hung out with anyone.

i've been sober for one month today for various reasons. too many long stories there. don't know how much longer i'll go. sometimes i see myself staying that way through the year, other times i don't see it lasting past the weekend.

*shrug* que sera, sera.

hope everyone's doin aight. peace out ya'll. holla!
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