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self harm community
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Welcome to RYL'S baby sister site. We also run happy_box, siawareness and rylthealbum, so make sure to visit them too.

Recoveryourlife (formerly Ruinyourlife) is a non-judgmental self harm support site. This community is for members of the site and anyone who needs support with self injury issues.

There is never any pressure or obligation here. You are free to take as much or as little part in the community, whatever feels right for you at any given time. All we ask is that you follow a code of conduct, which is just for member's safety. Thank you.

Code of Conduct

*No direct encouragement of self harm

*Anything which may be triggering must be put behind a cut tag (how ironic) with a trig warning. [lj-cut text="____"]....[/lj-cut] (replace [&] with <&>)

*Extremely long posts must also be out behind a cut tag

*Please respect other members. No flaming will be tolerated whatsoever.

*This is a support site, so try to make sure no post goes unanswered.

*No suicide notes, but asking for help when feeling suicidal is fine.

*Everything else goes. Above all, take care and stay safe.

Many thanks, your maintainers dancintrulife, elsh, grlinterupted and plataduckie

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Any ideas or input you may have is always welcomed and never hesitate to get in touch with one of us if you have any problems on the site.

Helful tips and advice are kept in memories for easy reference.

More information, links and resources can be found at happy_box
If you're feeling suicidal, go here
Information for friends and family here
Self injury Bill of Rights
Self help for si at secret shame
First aid Basics

The best website in the world!

happy box

Other si communities we recommend:
lifesigns (Lifesigns updates)

Self Injury Awareness Movement, si-am