blackroseshadow (blackroseshadow) wrote in recoveryourlife,

Depressed and confused.

I've been in a depression for a very long time, several years to be exact.

Something just recently put me in a deeper one and made me question my own morals and ethics.

I had a friend, been friends for 25 years.

We recently split apart last year, cause of a misunderstanding on her part. She is a heavy drinker and weed smoker. I was concerned for her drinking problem, at this point in the week she had downed two full bottles of vodka and it was only Tuesday. I asked her if everything was ok and that I was worried about her. She totally took it the wrong way and said that I was judging her.

She then went on to send me several ugly text messages about how weed and drinking make her feel good about herself and how she never concidered me a friend after eighth grade.

On my side of this, I suffered a emotional and nervous breakdown. I serously thought about suicide a lot in the months after that... I still do sometimes...

Just when I think she is out of my mind, I see her in town somewhere.

Just recently one of her friends walked into the furniture store and asked me if I had talked to her. I told her that I didn't and ended up telling her everything. Apparently she lied to me and said she wouldn't talk about this to her, but she did cause then I got another text message that night with her calling me a whore...

I'm so confused. Did I do the right thing of splitting ties with her or was I really judging her like she said I was?
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